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>>Ignore if I've RPed with you before<<

I'm still always open and searching for people to RP with, and hopefully this journal will be descriptive enough for what I look for in another roleplayer. It's a bit long, but if you're looking for someone who has extensive experience with RPing and also has long and descriptive responses, you're in the right place. Everything anyone would have to know about what I'm all about in terms of roleplaying is right here, but if you want to know what I RP before even caring about the rules and whatnot, scroll down. But I do want whoever wishes to start one to read everything. It will take less than five minutes, I assure you.

Rules n stuff

1. !!!IMPORTANT!! Read everything below before commenting/noting/whatever to discuss things further with me pleeeease. I will not feel like explaining these things a second time, and have thoroughly went over everything important so I can avoid frustration or confusion between me and the reader. I will not continue to respond to people who claim they read through this / try to start an RP with me when they don't meet these requirements. I'm sorry to say it, no matter how rude it is, but I'm looking for specific people here. I repeat, I WILL NOT RESPOND TO PEOPLE WHO DO NOT READ THESE GUIDELINES OR MEET THESE REQUIREMENTS. Please do not take this personally. If we have different preferences with RP partners and different styles then that's all there is, I am not trying to shame or be hateful towards anyone, just trying to find certain types of roleplayers. I also dislike when people blatantly ignore my rules. If you've sent me a message and wonder why I haven't responded, this is why.

2. No god-moding please. Or unstoppable, unrealistic characters that can dodge missiles or take them to the face and not die. You’re not Garrus or Alucard, so chill. It’s only fair to keep things realistic and well— fair. Highly skilled, intelligent, and powerful OCs are fine, but they cannot be godlike. They need to be realistic and human. That means they have faults.

3. Responses must be at least a few paragraphs long, good grammar/sentence structure, and no strictly dialogue/action response. I RP in descriptive, paragraph form, and do not wish to do any other format. Anything over 2-3 paragraphs is expected, yet these are the minimum. The ideal length is 3-4 or 3-5. If you wish to write 10 then by all means go for it, I usually do my very best at matching the length of whoever I’m responding to and tend to match up to their length on the dot. LET THIS BE A WARNING, NOT A SUGGESTION. I will not, and I repeat, WILL NOT RP with someone who does not have lengthy responses. This is in bold because so many people come here and ask to roleplay with me yet DO NOT READ THESE GUIDELINES. If your usual response is ONLY a maximum of two paragraphs I can already tell you I am not interested. That is meant to be a rare minimum. I will also drop the RP if you neglect following this rule. If you prefer short responses then please, move along.

3a. The format MUST BE in third person.

4. (( When talking out of character/rp use brackets like this. Please use them too so no one gets confused. ))

5. No taking over my characters, since I will not with yours. You are RPing with yours, I am with mine. It will only be that, yet you and I can control other characters such as side ones, or “NPCs”. Just no taking over each other’s.

6. Any genre of RP is fine, yet if you wish to start or steer off with something else (such as changing or tweaking the plot, wanting to do a shipping or romance, change characters etc.) just run it by me. Yet I prefer to plan things before starting, I don’t mind if you change your mind and wish to change something. 

7. If you do or do not want certain content in the RP please mention this beforehand. I won’t deal with people who get offended by something I write when they didn't warn me in the first place. Especially some characters or OC I write as, they may say some pretty offensive stuff if you do find certain things rude and such. 

8. OCs are a preferred as mains over NPCs or already existing characters.

9.  No going straight into a romance/relationship/pairings with characters. There has to be a realistic build up in character development between the two, have been familiar with each other for a while and actually form a bond. I never do smut genre RPs, so that’s out of the question. Although I do have mature scenes in my RPs, yet only once what I explained has happened. Obviously that being said, no fuck buddies or one night stand type things. It’s just not how I do romance RPs. Smut and highly NSFW can eventually happen, yet remember that there has to be a build up.

9a. That being said, I really don't want to RP with anyone younger than 18. Nothing against younger people, I just get a LOT of young people trying to start mature RP's with me and frankly it is very, very weird. I can also get in trouble for that because I am 20, so no NSFW stuff with anyone under 18. But I will do general RPs with anyone younger than 18, with no NSFW mature content. Basically just cut out any sexual content.

9b. Do not lie about your age, I will not stress that enough.

10. A strong and thought out plot line should be developed with me beforehand. It doesn't need to be THAT thought out, but I do want an idea where the RP will be going.

11. And finally, I would like to swap an example of what you and I can do in terms of writing. A fairly new response to another RP or some sort of writing you have done would be sufficient enough and I will show you what I can do as well. It's only a fair process of us starting out and knowing exactly what the other is capable of doing, and also how the other writes.

Times I’m online and will be likely to reply to posts

I’m in EST time. (I live near Detroit, Michigan in the U.S. )
Depending on when I work it varies. I tend to work five hour days, usually from 2pm-7pm Tuesday-Fridays while Mondays I work 5pm-9pm. I tend to keep an eye on dA when I can. If I'm not on my computer I will check dA on my phone, and if I have a response from someone I will read over it and figure out my own reply for when I am home. I tend to be on my computer everyday though, days I don't work I will be on possibly around 11am or so, days I do work it will be in the morning around 9-12pm, and after 7:30pm I'm back on. I am on my pc at least once a day though, even if for a few minutes. Yet I tend to be on a lot. It is my baby. I work 12-5 now until January and have odd days off here and there. I don't know which ones in advance, but can throw a heads up if need be. 


Like said above, I prefer to do long, descriptive, paragraph length responses. 3-5 is the ideal length, and a paragraph should be five to six sentences. There’s no max limit on how long you can make your response and I will mold my responses to the length of yours to keep the plot and story consistent, and also keep things fair. I will put in the same effort as you, so if you start to get lazy I won't keep up my extensive responses. I use introspective, retrospective, inner thoughts, descriptive actions and realistic speech patterns in my responses, much like actual novels and books(I guess). Script like responses are a huge no no. I stay in third person as well, but drop some inner thoughts of my main a lot.

What do I rp?

1. I RP fantasy/mythology, adventure/action, romance, post-apocalyptic, westerns, medieval/renaissance, steam punk, Victorian, modern-day, sci-fi/futuristic and in fandoms as well. I also include many fight scenes, gore, violence, mature scenes, romances/pairings, deaths, injuries and so on. 

2. I’m fine with pairings, just run it by me first. FxM, FxF, MxM(although I'm not too crazy about it comparing to FxF or MxF) and even non binary or genderless, anything is fine with me. It just has to fit with what my OCs are or the canon character I'm using.

3. I usually RP in fandoms, but will do AU's out of them too. I have many OCs and can adjust them to accordingly fit into the RP. Yet those OC's can be used outside of them as well.

4. My OC’s are all human and humanoid, which means no animal like RPs please. Certain anthro like character can be okay, but they must fit in the universe they are being used in.

Characters I have

I have many OCs and characters I can use for any type of RP. Mostly human or elf, some demon, vampire or amalgam like people. I have many references of all my OCs on here, and depending on what kind of RP I do, I will tweak them to fit in it more. I can provide you with a descriptive bio and drawing of their appearance on any OC I use.


Through notes preferably. Although I can on Skype as well, so if you prefer that just ask for it. I also have a tumblr RP blog and a RP Repository.


❤ 18+ content
❤ Well thought out plot lines
❤ Realistic characters in body/mind/way of carrying self/ has faults
❤ Faults and drama(not over the top, Soap Opera like shit tho)
❤ Swearing/profanities
❤ Blood, gore, and descriptive fight scenes
❤ Violence/death
❤ Relationships/paring/shippings
❤ LGBT+ friendly


💔 Strictly fetish/hentai/NSFW RPs (I do not RP for this content, I RP for story progression, in fact I don't do these at all)
💔 Fetishes in general
💔 Furries/Scaleys/Anthros
💔 Marry/Garry Sues
💔 OCs or characters thrown in that don't fit the universe
💔 God modding
💔 Controlling my character
💔 Changing the world to make it how you want it half way through
💔 Randomly ending the RP without telling me
💔 Non humanoid characters as your main
💔 Ponies
💔 Half human half creature like characters (it's fine if they're humanoid like people, but I prefer to stay with something I'm fully familiar with)

Fandoms I like for possible ideas

:bulletgreen: = highly familiar with / :bulletyellow: = mostly familiar with / :bulletred: = was once highly familiar with but a little rough with it's lore/plot

:bulletgreen: Animal Crossing 
:bulletyellow: Attack on Titan
:bulletgreen: Avatar the Last Airbender
:bulletgreen: Baccano!
:bulletgreen: Bee and Puppycat
:bulletyellow: Blue Exorcist
:bulletred: Borderlands
:bulletgreen: Death Note
:bulletgreen: Dragon Age
:bulletgreen: Dragon's Dogma
:bulletyellow: Durarara!!
:bulletyellow: Cowboy Bebop
:bulletred: Eden of the East
:bulletgreen: Elder Scrolls (Oblivion or Skyrim)
:bulletgreen: Fallout 3, NV, 4
:bulletyellow: Fire Emblem: Awakening
:bulletgreen: FLCL
:bulletgreen: Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood
:bulletyellow: GUN
:bulletgreen: Harvest Moon
:bulletred: .Hack 
:bulletgreen: Hellsing/Ultimate
:bulletyellow: ICO
:bulletyellow: infamous / Second Son
:bulletred: Kimi ni Todoke
:bulletyellow: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
:bulletgreen: Journey
:bulletyellow: The Last of Us
:bulletgreen: Legend of Korra
:bulletgreen: Mass Effect
:bulletgreen: Michiko to Hatchin
:bulletgreen: Mushishi
:bulletyellow: Nana
:bulletgreen: Okami
:bulletgreen: Ouran High School Host Club
:bulletgreen: Oyasumi Punpun
:bulletgreen: Princess Jellyfish
:bulletgreen: Red Dead Redemption
:bulletgreen: Rune Factory 4
:bulletyellow: Silent Hill
:bulletgreen: Samurai Champloo
:bulletgreen: Shadow of the Colossus
:bulletgreen: Steven Universe
:bulletgreen: Soul Eater
:bulletgreen: Teen Titans
:bulletgreen: Toradora!
:bulletyellow: Two Worlds 2
:bulletgreen: xxxHolic
:bulletgreen: The Walking Dead (show)
:bulletred: Wolf's Rain
:bulletgreen: Welcome to the N.H.K.
  • Listening to: Robbie Williams
  • Reading: Citrus
  • Watching: Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Playing: Fallout 4
  • Drinking: Water


Courtney Davis
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States



Also this isn't a little cutsey thing to laugh at and disregard it anyway. I really don't want to see it, so yes I'm being dead serious with this request.

My whole gallery is basically fallout related. Sorrynotsorry. Oh, and I never keep a consistent art style. Whoops.

Hello, my name is Courtney, I'm an 20 year old weeb from Michigan who loves all forms of art. I'm a digital artist and I love to draw people and my OCs over everything else. I'm in love with gore/horror anything, vocaloids, anime/mangos, the Fallout universe and all the NPCs who dwell in it and Pokemon.

I will most likely love fictional characters more than any existing person in history.

psn - Xansu

Solid+Etc Alucard and Seal by chaosinmelodySylveon by Re-thoRin Kagamine Stamp by IttichyTaiga Aisaka Stamp by SilkyBunnyPearl,Stamp by HarukotheHedgehogSolid+Etc Integra by chaosinmelody
Fallout 4 Stamp by She-KaijuDragon Age Stamp. by Dama-RossaMass Effect Stamp by atmos00000.hack : Infection part 1 by just-stampsRune Factory by HedginaCoShadow of the Colossus Stamp by kayla-silvercat
THE AQUABATS STAMP by TarkaGorillaz stamp by VeggieBaka-ChanJunji Ito Stamp by waningmoon7Tank Girl Stamp by AprilMcGuireRick Genest stamp by justShadowchanOyasumi Punpun stamp by upui
Breaking Bad Periodic Table Theme Stamp by SpectreSinistrethe walking dead by ValotoxinDexter by phantomSTAMP: The X-Files by neurotripsyStamp: Trainspotting TWO by A44DesignWhip it Stamp by TheBaileyMonster
Toradora by fayazureHellsing Ultimate Stamp by LinkMasterXPFullMetal Alchemist Stamp by TheMan268Samurai Champloo stamp by HappyStampMushi-Shi Stamp by vagcatSOUL     EATER by 80avatarfan80
Ouran High School Host Club ~ stamp by NimyluFLCL by Hina-1L Death Note Stamp by NeyjourBaccano:jumping by kyouyaplzN-h-k by desz19XxXHolic by lorienculurien
Cowboy Bebop Stamp by JackdawStampsJellyfish Princess Stamp by JohnYumeMadoka Stamp by uiopuiopCromartie High School Stamp by Whore-EaterNANA by Claire-stampsGekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun - Stamp by Paolachief117
Steven Universe Stamp by xioccolateBee and Puppycat Stamp by xioccolateTeen Titans Fan Stamp by JailboticusAvatar Stamp by CallistoHimeLegend Of Korra: Avatar state by DbzbabeRunning Hamtaro Stamp by Ja-Fraulein

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